Sixty is here to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives make the most of software tools. We can help you complete your task or project at any stage, but historically, we’ve been most useful a the beginning and end of your DIY project. 

We help users

Optimize the tools you're using

If you’re already using a web app, but want a professional consultation, we'll help you optimize your software for success. 

Overcome hurdles with web apps

If you want to build it yourself, but you’ve hit a wall, a short 15-30 minute session with one of our experts will get you back on your feet. 

Find, schedule, and pay experts for small jobs

Often it’s hard to get a professional to work on a small project (2 hours or less) because it takes just as much time to handle the admin work associated with small-scope jobs. We handle the boring stuff so that you can get right to the work at hand! 

Work smarter by tapping into experts, right when you need help

Email back-and-forth is the death of productivity. We host sessions over screen-share so that you can communicate clearly and effectively—in real time. All you have to do is schedule during a time that’s convenient for you and then show up for the work! 

Achieve your business goals

You know what your goals are, but perhaps not the right tools to achieve them. Our experts have worked with 100s of different clients & business-types and used dozens of different tools in the process. There’s probably more than one way to accomplish your goal, it’s just a matter of weighing the pros and cons with someone who’s been there before. 

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We help experts

Break the solitude of your day

Few people acknowledge that freelance work can be quite lonely. While some people prefer to plug away at the computer all day, we believe that a little collaboration with eager clients help break up the monotony—especially when you’re getting a competitive rate! 

Sync your calendars automatically

Easily monetize unused times in your schedule with Sixty sessions by setting up a profile and syncing your calendar. You control how and when clients can book sessions with you.

Provide a flexible maintenance solution for your clients 

Facilitate the busy-work of revisions, edits, updates, and maintenance with your own freelance clients. Simply share your public Sixty profile with your current and past clients so they can book and pay for your time.

Share your knowledge with users who want to learn

Nothing is more frustrating that troubleshooting tech issues over the phone. But when you can see their screen, it’s much easier and faster to find the solution. Empower others to do it themselves by teaching over screen-share. 

Crystalize your reputation on a permanent platform

Few freelancers have a strong enough reputation that allows them to turn work on/off at their convenience. When you build up your status on Sixty, it’s permanent. That means you can come back to the platform after a hiatus and work when you want. 

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