The Agency Model vs. Sixty

Sixty is a network of experts ready to guide creatives and small-to-medium-sized businesses over the hurdles with software. Here are some key differences between us and the traditional model:

Project minimums

Traditional agencies typically require that you start a new project, often with minimums in the mid-to-upper $1000s. It’s just the way the business model is setup. 

Expert help through Sixty starts at $1/min with a minimum of 15 minutes. You can book sessions to solve little problems, get an expert consultation, setup a new app, and more!

Flexibility with meeting times

With office hours and account managers, you’re lucky if you can even get a meeting scheduled with the necessary folks at the agency you hire. Often these times are inconvenient and require taking time out of your day to accommodate their schedule. 

With Sixty, you can pick, schedule, and pay for a meeting time that’s convenient for you.

Communication clarity

Agencies have sales people, account managers, and executives that put up artificial walls between you and your experts. Emails bounce between inboxes for days or weeks before your request even reaches the right people.

When you book a Sixty expert, you get direct access to their beautiful, creative brain through a screen-share. So you can ask them questions directly and see how they solve your issues first-hand.

Help finishing projects

Agencies want to start from scratch so they can control how everything works. 

Sixty experts can work with you at any point. We’re usually most helpful at the beginning (when you need some guidance to start the project in the right direction) and towards the end (when you need a specific solution to a particular problem). 


If you want your ongoing maintenance work through an agency, they will probably recommend (or require) you to purchase a retainer. That means a recurring monthly fee no matter if you’re using it or not.

With Sixty it's "pay as you go." This process empowers you to learn the key areas you need to know. If you forget anything, you can always book another session with your expert to have them show you again. 


Agencies often require a 50% deposit on your project before any work begins. That means you’re immediately out $100s or $1000s before seeing any work.

Sixty only requires that you pay for your session ahead of time. That means you control the pace of the project and the flow of cash. 


Sixty operates on the philosophy of a matchmaker, rather than a project manager. Therefore, your expert is ultimately held responsible for delivering a quality experience. Our job is to reflect poor experiences in our data, and subsequently not promote an expert who isn't satisfying their clients.

If you require a form of payment guarantee, you should inform the expert you're considering working with.

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