This enables your expert to access your FloydHub project & code site during your sessions without seeing your password. You have full control of contributor access.

Step 1: set the project visibility to public 

First, we will make the project public so that your expert can view it. If your project is already public, you can skip to step 2 below. 

  • Navigate to and click Log In.
  • Enter your email address and password, and click Log In.
  • Navigate to your Projects page and select the project you need help with
  • Click on the Settings tab for the project and make sure that you have the Visibility level set to Public

Step 2: send the project link to your expert

Now that the project is public, you'll want to send it to your expert so that they can review it before your session. You can do this two way (we recommend doing both):

Session Notes

Copy the project path from the project settings page in FloydHub and paste it into your Session Notes area in your session portal. 

  • Copy the FloydHub project path
  • Navigate to your Sixty dashboard and open up the session portal for this session
  • Paste the FloydHub project path into the notes area

Email your expert

Your expert's email address will be listed in your session confirmation email. Please email them the link to your FloydHub project path.

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