Blog Digests in a nutshell

Blog Digests are a way for you to get more sessions booked and/or new clients by displaying your expertise on the Sixty Medium Publication. How it works is you’ll write a post and have a direct link to your profile so client readers can easily book you if they need help with that task or a related one. We’ll be sending the posts off in a “Blog Digests” email to the whole Sixty client base (2000+ users) as well as promoting the posts on all of our social media channels.

What should I write?

Think about _anything clients be interested in knowing/learning_. Maybe something you got hung up on the first time you learned a tool. Examples could be “How to make sure your Shopify site is search engine optimized”, or “The 10 step checklist for social media ads.” If you want more ideas here, I’m happy to brainstorm with you.

Intended Goal

What will happen is a client will read the post, possibly try to do whatever you’re mentioning on their own and get hung up on a detail, or they will know they need this work done but won’t want to do it at all. Many at some point will say “I wouldn’t mind booking this expert to make sure I did it right or help me finish it.” Since the direct link to your profile is right there in the post, they don’t have to go far to make that happen :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any questions about which topics would be good, how we’re going to promote the posts, or the overall plan here and how it equates to making more money for you, feel free to message @david in Slack and he'll help you out.

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