Email Notifications

Sixty offers a streamlined booking platform for managing your schedule with your clients. One of the major features of our booking platform is the notification system. By default, you'll get email notifications to your primary email address every time a client:

  • Schedules a new session
  • Reschedules a session
  • Cancels a session

Slack Notifications

Once you have an account on Sixty, you will also receive an invitation to join our Slack team. We strongly encourage that you connect this Slack team to your Sixty profile. You will still receive the above email notifications, but we'll send you two additional notifications as well:

  • 1-hour reminder before sessions start
  • When your client joins a session before you

How to Connect Slack

  • Log into your Sixty Team Slack account in your browser of choice
  • Type "/connect slack" in the slackbot channel (this can be done from the browser or from the desktop app)
  • Follow the on-screen steps to authorize the connection

If you're running into errors connecting your Slack account, you might be logged into another Slack team in the browser. Please make sure you are logged into the Sixty Team on Slack in the browser (if you're only logged into the desktop app, it won't work). 

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