Before I dive into what the actual commission rates are, I want to explain what we put the money towards.

How we use commissions

Simply put, we use commission revenues to get you more leads.

Specifically, we do this by:

  1. Powering the platform – paying for servers and engineers' salaries
  2. Marketing the platform – making sure that qualified clients know Sixty exists when they want to hire a freelancer or agency
  3. Refining the search – using UI/UX and data to decrease the time it takes for a client to find their ideal expert
  4. Optimizing your profile – A/B testing the design of your profile and Marketplace listings so qualified clients convert
  5. Paying commissions – sometimes a lead comes from someone else first before we send it to you! We pay those people 50% of the commission you give us. If you have leads and want to send them to Sixty, email [email protected] and say you'd like to be involved.


At the end of the day, Sixty is like a friend who knows a lot of people needing work done. 

Have you ever told someone in your network "I'll give you 10% of whatever I make from clients you send me?" It's a great strategy, because when people know you pay commissions, they send you more leads! 

But if you say you'll pay a commission and don't do it, you won't keep getting leads for very long.

Sixty operates on this same logic. Our system is designed to favor the best freelancers and/or agencies for the job and those who do right by us by compensating us for the business we send them.

Types of Services

There are two types of services we offer to freelancers and agencesice

  • On-Demand - Anything that involves video conferences using the Session Portal
  • Leads (in closed-alpha) - Anything where we refer a lead to you for you to manage outside of the On-Demand tooling.

Commissions Detail


  • All standard sessions - 50%
    Example: A client schedules you for an on-demand 1-hour session through Sixty’s video conferencing tool.
  • Self-referred clients - 0% (Free, minus standard transaction fees)
    Example: You have a client you met outside of Sixty and you want to use the On-Demand videoconferencing software.


As a lead generation source, we provide little value once you've built a relationship with a client. For this reason, we reduce Sixty’s commission based on the amount of money you've transacted in a client relationship. To see rates and learn more about Leads™ commissions, visit the Leads User Manual.


If I get hired by another expert for a project and there was a promotion running for 0% commission, what happens when the promo goes away? Is there still 0% commission? For any clients or subcontractors that are self referred, you will never be charged a commission for transactions. 

For expert-to-expert transactions and similar ones, as long as you’ve had one transaction you’ll always have a 0% engagement rate.

If I have a client I met through an On-Demand session, and the project starts moving into offline hours, can I get a lower rate by having the client buy a package of hours or invoicing them?
Assuming your client needs your help with more work, and it feels like it makes sense to do, you should certainly have the client purchase a package of hours or invoice them. In this case, we'd consider the relationship falling into the same category as those we help you form with the Leads™ product. The commissions would drop. To see the decrease, you can visit the Leads User Manual.

What’s the rate if my client purchased a project from me and I want to do On-Demand sessions with them as a part of it? The rate is 37%. The reason for this is because maintaining the On-Demand software is costly.

Is there a commission if I want to offer a free initial consultation, or any type of free On-Demand session to a client? Nope. If you don’t make money, we don’t either. To offer a free session, you can select "unbilled" in the lefthand control panel during the session.

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