Setting up a system to automatically refer all of your leads to Sixty is the best way to make maximum commission revenue. Not only because of the volume of leads you’ll send, but also because of the speed you can set them up to forward.

This is valuable for designers who’ve gotten full time jobs, are transitioning to making their income off of courses or new products, and many other situations.

How to do it

Setting up a fully automatic system with your form intake is fairly straightforward. You only need to use Zapier and possibly a Google Sheet.


  1. Setup your intake form to be the trigger for a zap in Zapier. Do this by directly connecting the form or sending the form submission to Google Sheets. 
  2. Add a delay step in the zap so the referral looks more natural
  3. (If you can’t grab the first name and last name separately in Zapier) Split the first name off
  4. Send the referral to [email protected] via Gmail trigger. Use the referral template or one like it for your referral message, then include the original inquiry message that the lead sent.
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