Similar to how the higher you show up in the rank on Google results, the more website traffic you get, The higher your rank on Hire results, the more leads you get.

Right now rank is based on three primary categories:

  1. Experience - How much experience do you have working on projects like theirs?
  2. Availability - Are you taking clients right now? If so, can you hit the deadline?
  3. Interest - Do you want to work with this type of client/project? Does the client want to work with a designer like you?

Contrary to most marketplaces, everything involving rank is meant to reflect reality - not just what happens on our platform. 

Using “experience” as an example, if you specialize in building websites for lawyers who are launching their new business, you’re going to show up above people who don’t. It doesn’t matter whether the website projects came from Sixty or not.

On Upwork (and every other marketplace in the world that we know of), you’ll only show up higher on the rank if you did the work on their marketplace.

To increase your rank: Be sure to fill in all of your past projects, sync your invoice tool, and fully fill out your Leads Sheet.

Aside from that, do great work on your future projects and your rank will rise!

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