The following are tools and steps to make backfilling projects much easier! If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to @david in Slack for a quick response.

Export from

This exports all the Squarespace sites on your Squarespace Dashboard to a CSV for which you have contributor access.

Be sure your ad blocker is off while you do this or it won’t work!


  1. Go to
  2. Open developer tools in your browser
  3. Mac: Command + Option + I
  4. Windows: Control + Alt + I
  5. Switch to the "Console" tab in developer tools (as opposed to "Elements", "Network", or "Sources")
  6. Click in the first line, paste the following code, and hit Enter

You should have a .csv file drop into your Downloads folder that you can use to Copy/Paste into your Projects dashboard in Sixty.

function getProjectInfo(){var e=[],r=document.querySelectorAll('[data-test="websiteCard"]');Array.from(r).forEach(function(r){var o=r.children,t=Array.from(o);e=e.concat(t)});var o=[];Array.from(e).forEach(function(e){e.children[0];var r=e.children[1],t=r.querySelector('p[class^="Text-"]');if(t)var a=t.textContent;if(![""," ","Your Site Title"].includes(a)){var n=r.querySelector("p:last-of-type").textContent;if(!["No custom domains"].includes(n)){var c=[a.replace(/[,]/,""),n.replace(/ \+ \d+ more/g,"")];o.push(c)}}});let t="data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,";o.forEach(function(e){let r=e.join(",");t+=r+"\r\n"});var a=encodeURI(t);,alert("Your Squarespace project details have been saved! Please check your Downloads folder for the CSV file. If you don't see a file named 'download.csv', please make sure you don't have an ad-blocker turned on and try again.")}getProjectInfo();

Bulk import

The following is an importer for all web design and development projects. It’s optimized for Squarespace right now. For non-Squarespace projects that don’t seem to fit the mold of this template well, reach out to @david in Slack.


  1. Visit the Bulk Project Importer and make a copy of the file
  2. (If you have a .csv export from Squarespace) Paste your .csv export from Squarespace into this file
  3. Add any more rows for non-Squarespace websites you’ve built 
  4. Add in the additional metadata on the right*
  5. Export the GSheet to a .csv and send to @david in Slack
  6. The projects will appear on your Portfolio within 24 hours or so

*If you don’t want to fill in all of the data fields right, you don’t have to. That said, we can’t re-import the same projects, so you we recommend filling out as much as you can initially since spreadsheets are quicker than the in-app UI to fill out.

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