Expert Stacking

Expert Stacking gives you access to more than one expert in your dashboard. We'll match you with the right expert for your project and you'll be able to book with them in just a few clicks. If you need another expert, simply request one.

The Basics of Expert Stacking

Expert Stacking opens up a multitude of opportunities for you.

  • More experts on more apps
  • Greater availability
  • Different price points
  • Diverse skill sets 

If you’re an early bird or night owl, now you can take advantage of experts in different time zones for greater availability. If your next project requires consultation from an ecommerce specialist, you can now request a match for that.

Probably the biggest “hack” this opens for you is experts at different price points. You can now hire experienced & affordable experts to work together on the same project.

Why would you need more than 1 expert?

Well, the primary reason is to lower the overall cost of your project. You can step into the role of project manager and tap into different professionals. Book an experienced expert for things like information architecture & custom coding. Then you can spend time with a more affordable expert who can teach you how the platform works and how to maintain your project after launch. 

How to optimize your budget on larger projects

Our recommendation for clients who want to optimize their budget: start working with an affordable expert. Make as much progress as you can on your project while making notes on specific items that are beyond their capabilities—save those items for a session with an experienced expert.

So now that you have more options, where do you begin? Well, if you want access to another expert, simply request one on your booking page

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