Sessions are most efficient if you collect all of your issues in one place before your session. That way, you can just pull up the list and start crossing them off one-by-one.

Prepare any text, images, files, or other media that you’ll need for the session. If you want to send this information to your expert before the session, you can use the email address in your confirmation email. If you’re sending a lot of files, it’s best to use a file-sharing repository like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Download Zoom video chat and test it out. We wrote a guide if you want to learn how it works. Doing this beforehand will prevent any technical difficulties from slowing you down.

Give your expert contributor access if necessary. This will save 5 minutes of coordination at the beginning of your first session. 

If you’re working from a desktop and don’t have a microphone for the screen-share, please call in with your phone.

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