All sessions are scheduled and hosted over a screen-share through the Sixty platform. 

If you’re ready for a session but can’t get in touch with your expert:

Double check that you have the right appointment day, time, and timezone. The most up-to-date information (if you’ve rescheduled) will be in your dashboard. You can also check your latest email confirmation. 

If you’re having issues joining your screen-share or connecting audio or video, please refer our troubleshooting documents.

If you believe that you are in the right screen-share meeting room, but your expert hasn’t shown up yet:

  • Wait a few moments. Perhaps they are running late from another appointment—you won’t be penalized or charged for time that they are late. 
  • Contact support by using the chat tool. 
  • If your expert doesn’t show up within the first 15 minutes of your session, you may report a no-show by clicking Report No-Show in your session portal. You won't be charged if the expert doesn't show up. For more details about no-shows, please reference our No-Show Policy.
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