In the event you and your expert have a disagreement, please follow these guidelines.

My expert didn’t accomplish my goal during Offline work

In accordance with our Offline Policy, we cannot provide a guarantee for any work done offline. We always recommend that you work with experts over screen-share to maintain clear communication and collaboration. Please make sure your feedback reflects your experience. 

My expert didn’t know how to accomplish my goal during a Live Session

In the event that your expert couldn’t accomplish your goal(s), you should write honest feedback on the post-session scorecard. 

Didn’t or couldn't finish my session

If your expert couldn’t complete the total time you booked them for, you will not be charged for any unused time. Please contact support to describe the situation, using facts and timelines as accurately as possible. 

We had a personal disagreement

If you believe that your expert acted unprofessionally or in a way that please contact support and describe the situation in detail. S will determine if any there’s been a breach of our Terms of Service and will take appropriate action as necessary. 

What should I do if my expert needs to cancel?

If your expert cancels your session, you will be refunded in full. You won’t have to do anything. If you still need help, you’re welcome to book another session.

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