There are a number of ways to restrict your availability to be booked by clients:

Regular weekly hours

On your availabilities page in the Sixty app, you can set your regular hours to be booked. These are the widest default parameters you can set to capture as many bookings as possible. 

Note: when you set regular weekly hours, your existing calendar events will still be blocked off from being double-booked.

Booking buffer

This controls the earliest time a client can book you during available hours. If you are typically in front of your computer during your regular recurring hours, set this to 15-minutes. 

For example, if you set the waiting period to 2 hours, a client browsing your calendar at 2:00pm will not be able to book a session until 4:00pm at the earliest (assuming your calendar is open).

Booking in the future

Presently, clients can only book out as far as the next 14 days. 

Availability Preview

You will see your calendar "as the client sees it" on your availabilities page. This takes into account your weekly availability, busy events on your synced calendar, Sixty sessions, and your booking buffer. 

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