Getting Started

There are two ways you can refer leads to Sixty for commissions:

  1. Email Intro
  2. URL Link

Email Intro

For the most natural handoff and the best chance at conversion, you can intro your lead to Sixty. The best way to do this is to CC [email protected] with a personal introduction just like you would if we were an individual freelancer or agency. Then we can personally respond to get more info and direct them to a qualified and available freelancer or agency.

We recommend introducing us in the following way: View Referral Template

Possible Use Cases:

  • Your friend or colleague reaches out needing to hire a freelancer/agency.
  • You get a lead in your inbox that you either don't have availability to serve, or that has a project which falls outside of your skillset.

URL Link

Like most referral programs, you can use a link on your website, on a chat, social media, and more. You'll be noted as the referrer for anyone who hires a freelancer or agency through Sixty within 30 days of clicking your link. 

Possible Use Cases:

  • You added Sixty as a featured partner or vendor on your website.
  • You wrote a blog post about Sixty, mentioned Sixty in a podcast, or other media.
  • You have a customer service staff who needs the link to provide users with.


Sixty splits commissions 50/50 with you and pays out on a weekly basis to your Stripe account. Here's what Sixty collects in commissions from freelancers and agencies.

Two other important notes:

  • Commissions are only paid out to whomever refers a lead first. As you know, clients often inquire with a handful of Specialists about their projects. A decent percentage of referrals end up being the same lead. This system helps account for the duplicate referrals.
  • We only collect commissions from freelancers and agencies for the first year. Most of the value we provide them is the initial lead. If they've retained the client for over a year, we don't feel we should keep asking for a commission.

Streamlining Your Flow

Assuming your goal is to get the most referral commissions for the least amount of effort, the following are tactics we recommend using in combination with creating a custom introduction template:

If you're still taking clients

  • Referring the lead as soon as possible. Our data shows that anything within 1 hour of inquiry (assuming it's during normal business hours) has about a 33% higher conversion rate than if it's referred within 8 hours. Then referring within 8 hours has a 50% higher conversion rate than if you referred 2 days later.
  • If you've already spoken with the lead on a consultation call, adding details of their project in the introduction email will help them feel like they're still moving forwards with hiring a designer. Otherwise they'll feel the need to tell us the same story when we speak with them.
  • Include the original inquiry email attached on the email thread. Similarly to the previous bullet, this helps the conversation have more continuity.

If you're not taking new clients

If you're not taking any new clients at all, we recommend "full automation". Believe it or not, despite there being almost no personalization*, the sheer speed of this process causes these leads to have an even higher conversion rate than manual referrals in the previously mentioned system. 

Here are the recommended steps for full automation:

  • For any email-based inquiries (if you have a public-facing email you let people inquire through), create a filter that tags the email. Then create a Zap that triggers for any emails with that tag. 
  • For any form-based inquiries, you won’t be able to pull the lead’s name into the email body for extra personalization* unless you do an extra step. You can add another layer of personalization by dropping the submission data in a spreadsheet. Then in Zapier, create a Zap that delays by about 15 minutes and sends the email intro automatically.

*It seems that personalizing emails to include the leads name increases conversion rate 10-20%. This is a guess based on thousands of referrals passing through. We don’t have a firm statistic though.

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