A bad connection is not only frustrating but unproductive for your session. Here are a few steps you can take to try and improve the connection: 

Turn off the camera feed

Each connection point between you and your client (e.g. the camera feed, the audio feed, the screen-share feed) through Zoom requires bandwidth. Try turning off one or both camera feeds to give more bandwidth to the screen-share and audio, which should improve the essential signals. 

You can turn off the video feed by clicking Stop Video in the active window of the screen-share.

Quit other applications on your computer

Other internet-enabled applications on your computer require processing power and internet bandwidth. Quitting or ending those apps can improve the power and bandwidth designated for Zoom and the screen-share session, which should improve the connection.

Check your WiFi connection

If you’re far from the WiFi router in your home or office, try moving closer or plugging directly into the router with an ethernet cord. Sometimes you can improve your connection by temporarily turning off WiFi on your computer, then reconnecting.

Restart Zoom and/or your computer

Finally, restarting Zoom or your computer can improve the signal. 

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