Signing on to your first Sixty session can sometimes be tricky. We use Zoom's screen sharing software to facilitate our service. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through exactly how to start your first session:


  • Zoom software downloaded before your session.
  • Web Camera (recommended) — we like to see you, this helps us build rapport and judge your reactions.
  • Microphone (required) — Sixty is built on the model of instantaneous feedback, so we need to hear what you have to say. Alternatively, you can use headphones with a built in mic. For example, most Sixty Experts use a Macintosh laptop with Apple headphones for the clarity in the sound and mic.
  • Stable internet connection — screen-share takes a good amount of bandwidth, but more important than high speed is a stable connection via ethernet or strong WiFi signal.

Step 1: Download Zoom

When you click Join Session in your session portal, it will automatically download Zoom (if you don't have it) and then join the meeting room.

You can also download Zoom from their website. 

 before your session to get familiar with the software.

Step 2: Join the Call

Once you have Zoom downloaded, you don't need to do anything until the time of your session. Just return to your dashboard and click 

A Note for Mac users: 

You might see a pop-up window titled External Protocol Request. Just click "Launch Application" and it will launch Zoom automatically for you.

If you check the box next to "Remember my choice for all links of this type" you won't see this notification again.

Step 3: Start working!

Yes, it's that easy! All you have to do is download the software, click the link, and then you're ready to start collaborating with your expert in real time.

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