Sixty is a tool to connect you with the right software expert in minutes. We help with over 50 tools – everything from Squarespace to Zapier. Read more about how we can help with your web apps.

Help at any stage

We like to think that Sixty is flexible enough for pretty much anyone who wants control of their digital ecosystem. Our mission is to enable you to get value from web apps faster, more affordably, and with as little stress as possible. Ideally, you spend some time with our experts, and then you don't need any more work done until your next big initiative, or you've added another app to your workflow.

Sounds good, but what does that mean in practical terms? Well, our system is flexible so that we can meet a variety of needs, but our customers generally fall into four common use cases:


These projects can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2+ hours.

A lot of times, people want to know if an app has a particular capability. It's usually something fairly complex that pushes the limits of the software. Most times, the app's official customer service can answer these questions. Sometimes you want a faster or more in-depth answer from someone over a call, or you want someone to dive into your app with you side-by-side.


These projects can take anywhere from 1 to 40+ hours depending on the app you're using.

The typical scenario is that you've signed up for a new app but you're overwhelmed getting it setup. You want to hire someone to step in and either have them take over while you direct them (screen-share sessions) or hire them to do a traditional engagement offline. The live work is more suited for DIY tools like Squarespace, whereas the offline work is more suited for tools like Mixpanel that have a long setup process.


These projects typically take 1–10+ hours. 

This is when you're already setup on a piece of software, but you want to get more out of it. Maybe you want to add a cool scrolling slideshow feature on a website, or you want to use the artificial intelligence features on Mixpanel. Often times, people are only using a small percentage of the features available on apps. Then they add more with time and as their businesses/projects grow in scope. We are available to step in at this phase.


These projects typically take 15 minutes to 5+ hours.

An unfortunate part of software is that it needs to be maintained. Maybe your website all the sudden has a page that isn't loading, or a Zapier workflow is throwing errors. This happens even with a perfect setup, because the underlying code is constantly changing. For these scenarios, we can jump in and fix problems quickly.

The Sixty way

There are other reasons why you’ll prefer Sixty to the traditional process.


When you’re collaborating face-to-face, you can give feedback instantly, which speeds up the overall project immensely. You can also control the pacing of the session if you want your expert to slow down and train you.


You’ll never have trouble contacting your web expert again! Just log in and book time on their calendar and they’ll meet you over screen-share.  

Affordable & quality

Pricing is a flat rate, so you’ll never get recurring fees, retainers, or sticker shock.

Any project size

Just need some small tweaks? No project is too small. You can hire a Sixty expert for a little as 15 minutes to help.

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