Offline time with a live review

Sixty is built to connect you with app experts to help you implement software faster than ever. We've found that works best when both parties collaborate in real-time on the same screen. With screen-share technology, we do that on a daily basis. But certain tasks can be accomplished faster if done independently. 

How to book offline + live time

After your first session with your expert, you'll both have a pretty good idea of the total remaining amount of work to be done. Depending on how you'd like to proceed, you could do one of two things:

  1. Keep booking regular "live" sessions with your expert and work together in real-time
  2. Book Offline Hours with your expert, where he or she will work on your project for a set amount of time before you reconvene in another "live" session.

Why use offline time?

Good Question. Perhaps there is some tedious data-entry or technical custom coding that you don't need or want to watch. Or maybe you're on a tight deadline and need some extra hours of work before a press release or holiday shopping weekend. In order to get the maximum amount of progress, you can work independently from your expert during "off" hours. 

Okay, so how do I book Offline Sessions?

Your first session should always be a 1 or 2 hour "live" session—our regular 1:1 video conference. During this session, you'll make a plan with your expert for the best way to move the project forward. If you decide to book offline hours, you can do that from the Offline booking page

Here are the steps

  1. Navigate to the Offline Booking form in the Sixty app
  2. Select the expert and the app your need help with
  3. Pick the amount of offline time you want them to work on your project
  4. Pick a duration for the Live Review
  5. Pick a day & time for the Live Review
  6. Select your payment method and confirm your session

For example:

If you want to Chris to build 4 Zapier zaps for you offline and then show you how they work in a live session: 

  1. Navigate to the Offline Booking form in the Sixty app
  2. Select Chris as your expert & Zapier as the app
  3. Select 3 Hours for the offline time (or however long he recommends)
  4. Select the followup session duration, date & time
  5. Book the session! 
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