When booking a Sixty session, you might ask yourself: how much time should I book for this?

Since Sixty sessions are prorated to the minute, you don't really have to worry too much about how long to book! You can always extend the session (pending your expert's availability) and if your session ends early, you'll only pay for the time you use.*

These guidelines should help you clarify the best course of action to take while booking your next session for Squarespace (and other web design) sessions. 

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New projects — booking your first session

New sites & rebuilds

If you’re building a new site or rebuilding an existing site, your first session should always be 1–2 hours in length. This gives you enough time to review a few key items with your designer:

  • Your overall project and business goals
  • Your “inspiration” sites
  • Squarespace templates that you like and that will support your goals

After reviewing those items (and other questions that come up), you’ll have some time left over to begin to layout your page structure. The reason it's important to get the layout done in the first session is that it will give you a skeleton to fill with text and images before your follow-up with your designer.

Other projects

Aside from creating new websites, you can classify the following types of work as projects that will generally take between 1-3 hours.

  • Adding multilingual support to your site
  • Adding an e-commerce store to an existing site
  • Changing templates on an existing site
  • Getting a professional opinion of your DIY site (fonts and colors)

Booking sessions for tweaks

Tweaks are tough to estimate because they range in complexity and scope. Here are some general guidelines to help you differentiate between basic tweaks and advanced code tweaks — and to make an informed decision on how long to book.

Basic design tweaks

Basic design tweaks are anything that you can do within the standard Squarespace editor. That includes tasks like: 

  • Adding, removing, or updating blog posts, pages, products, text, images, and other blocks
  • Changing the layout on a page
  • Training how to update your site
  • Importing content
  • Changing the settings on your website or store
  • Designing a cover page

For basic tweaks we recommend:

  • 1 basic tweak = 15 minutes
  • 2-3 basic tweaks = 30 minutes
  • 4-6 basic tweaks = 1 hour
  • 7+ basic tweaks = 2 hours

Code tweaks

Code tweaks can help with changing the standard appearance or interactivity that come pre-built into your Squarespace template. That includes tasks like:

  • Changing background colors of different sections
  • Adding cool hover effects to photos
  • Adding a smooth scroll effect when clicking on an anchor link
  • Centering icons or photos to align vertically
  • Adding a "back to top" button 
  • Integrating a 3rd party tool with an iframe

Standard CSS and JavaScript can sometimes interact weirdly with Squarespace templates. It's important to test the code thoroughly after implementing it to make it works properly on different devices and browsers. For code tweaks, we recommend:

  • 1 code tweak = 30 minutes
  • 2-4 code tweaks = 1 hour
  • 5+ code tweaks = 2 hours

Booking a follow-up session

After your first session, you’ll have a good idea of how fast you can accomplish tasks over screen-share on Sixty. 

We recommend that you review the rest of your list of tasks with your designer at the end of your first session to get their estimate. Since they have been inside your site's backend, they'll be able to make a more accurate estimate.

If you're booking a session for a new project with your previous designer, please feel free to use the guidelines above to determine how long to book.

Still not sure?

No worries! Use the chat tool in the bottom right-hand corner of our site to ask and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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* Note: the session minimum price is 50% of the scheduled duration. For example, if you booked a 1-hour session, the minimum you'll pay is for 30 minutes. 

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