How Zoom works

Zoom is a video conference and screen share tool that we use to connect you with your Sixty expert. That means you'll be able to see & hear your expert, as well as share your screen (and they can share theirs too). 

Zoom sessions are private and associated so only you and your Sixty will have access. 

Before your first session

In order to have an efficient first session, you should download and familiarize yourself with Zoom. That way you won't waste any time when your session starts. 

Download Zoom

You can download Zoom directly from this link: If that link doesn't work, you can install the different versions here:

Download error: certain computers have privacy settings that might prevent your download. If you see a message like this, please click to advance. 

Install Zoom

Now that you've downloaded Zoom, please install it by finding the install file in your downloads folder and double-clicking on it.

  • Mac users: look for zoomusInstaller.pkg
  • Windows users: look for ZoomInstaller.exe

Then follow the on-screen instructions and you'll end up with Zoom's app installed on your computer.

Note: Mac users might see a message preventing installation, which you can resolve by changing your Security & Privacy Settings in your System Preferences.

Do I have to log in to Zoom?

Nope! Once you've installed Zoom, it will automatically prompt you to Join a Meeting or Sign In. You actually don't have to do either! You're all done when you reach this screen.

Joining your session

Once your session start-time approaches, you should log into your Sixty dashboard and click on the right session. You'll see an orange Join Session button in the top right corner of the page. (It activates 10 minutes before your session starts.)

When you click Join Session, it will automatically launch Zoom and bring you to the right meeting room. If Zoom still asks you to sign in, please quit the program (COMMAND + Q on Mac, ALT + F4 on Windows) and try to rejoin from the Join Session button on your Session Portal. 

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