This enables your expert to access your Facebook Advertising account during your sessions without seeing your password. You have full control of contributor access. After your final Sixty session, you can remove your expert’s access to the Facebook Advertising account.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account.

  • Navigate to and log into your personal Facebook account.

Step 2: Access your Facebook Ads.

Click on the arrow next to the Help Button at the top right.
Select Manage Ads.

Click on the menu button next to Facebook Ads at the top left.

** Note: this screen may look different if you’ve set up a Facebook Ads Manager account. The instructions are still the same, you’ll click the same button at the top left with the menu button.

Click on Ad Account Settings.

Step 3: Add your expert as Administrator.

Click on Account Roles.

Click on Add A User.

From this box, enter your expert’s email address

Click the drop down to the right of the box, and select Ad Account Admin. The automatic default is Ad Account Advertiser. You want to be sure to select them as an Ad Account Admin.

Click Confirm.
Your expert is now added to your Facebook Ads account. They’ll receive an email confirming this, so they can log in to the account and begin your session. 

Click Close.

What to do after your final session?

Step 4: Removing access

After your final Sixty session, you should remove the expert’s access to your Facebook Ads account. In the event that you book another session, you can always add them again.

Select their name from the list and click Remove User

Confirm you want to remove them by clicking Remove.

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