This enables your expert to access your Amplitude account during your sessions without seeing your password. You have full control of contributor access. After your final Sixty session, you can remove your expert’s access to the Amplitude account.

Step 1: Access your Amplitude account.

Navigate to and click Login.

Enter your email address and password, and click Log In to Amplitude.

Step 2: Add your expert as a user to your account.

Click Users.

Click Invite.

Enter your expert's email address, and click Member to change their Role.

*Note: If you have a specific project or dashboard you would like your expert to work on, you can select those using the sections for Default Project and Dashboards. Your expert will still be able to access other projects and dashboards, but these will set up their default.

Under Role, click Admin.
Then click Submit.

You’ve now successfully invited your expert to join your Amplitude account! If your expert already has an Amplitude account, they'll automatically be added to Joined Users. If they don't, they'll be under Pending Users and will need to create an account. Once they accept the invitation, this screen will change to show they have been added.

Step 4: Remove your expert from your Mailchimp account.

After your final session with an expert, you’ll want to remove access from them. Don’t worry, if you decide to do another session, you can go through this process again.

Navigate to the Users section from your profile as before.
Click the checkmark box next to your expert's name.

With your expert's name selected, click the Remove button.

Confirm you want to remove them by clicking Remove User.

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